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Below is a list of publications related to our economic plan:

Douglas, R., & MacCulloch, R. (2020). In a new world, new thinking is required: Why the prioritization of resources is crucial to New Zealand’s economic recovery in the wake of COVID-19. Working Paper: Johns Hopkins Studies In Applied Economics, No. 155.

MacCulloch, R. (2019). Mandatory savings: The saviour of New Zealand's welfare state. Policy Quarterly, 15(1).

Douglas, R., & MacCulloch, R. (2019). A welfare reform for New Zealand: Mandatory savings not taxation. New Zealand Economic Papers, 1-35.

Douglas, R., & MacCulloch, R. (2018). Welfare: Savings not taxation. Cato Journal, 38(1), 17-33.

Douglas, R., & MacCulloch, R. (2017). Welfare: Independence not dependency. Centre For Independent Studies: Policy, 33(3), 9-17.

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