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  • rmacculloch

Who does NZ call when its Ferries, Planes & Electricity Supplies Break? Lawyers & Accountants, of course.

The Board Chair of Kiwi Rail, David McLean, is a lawyer. He did a Bachelor of Law degree at Victoria University. The CEO of Kiwi Rail, Peter Reidy, has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting from Auckland University, where I work. Both were asked what caused the Inter Island Ferry to crash. I assure you - nothing about how trains or ferries work is covered in law or commerce degrees. Why is productivity low in NZ? Could it be so many Boards & CEOs in NZ are filled up with "A Lister" managers who have no in-depth knowledge of the technical, engineering workings of their industries? Fletcher Building's Board is over half accountants & lawyers. Was Google started by accountants & lawyers? SpaceX? Was Rocket Lab started by lawyers & accountants? New Zealand was never meant to be a country with a Soviet Union style proliferation of people who measure & do compliance, not create wealth.


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