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The Police Minister says fear of crime cannot be measured. The Immigration Minister states it can.

The Police Minister, Ginny Andersen, told interviewer Jack Tame that, "I've always said that my aim as Police Minister is to try and make NZers feel safe."When repeatedly asked by Tame for evidence that Kiwis were feeling safer under Labour, she replied it was "probably an impossible task to measure".

But her own Government has stated that it is not impossible to measure, referencing surveys that ask random samples of Kiwis how safe they feel from crime. This is how Immigration NZ summarizes its "reading" of that evidence on its website:

Safe & Secure:

While feeling safe is a luxury in many places, it’s one that NZers are accustomed to.

NZ [is ranked] as the world's second safest country, just after Iceland.

So the Immigration Minister is busy contradicting her colleague, the Police Minister, telling the world that not only have feelings of safety from crime been measured, but that using such measures there is nowhere on the planet safer than NZ (aside from Iceland with its few hundred thousand people & a few trolls).



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