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  • rmacculloch

The Kiwi Government and Wellington bureaucrats are already so rich that they can turn down money

This week 89 "business and opinion leaders" signed an open letter that was sent to Revenue Minister David Parker which said, "We write as people who are frustrated with how much tax we pay. We want to pay more."

So Newsroom asked Inland Revenue if they could pay more. "No," said spokesman Rowan McArthur, "There is no mechanism in our system for people to make voluntary tax payments in addition to the tax they actually owe". Revenue Minister Parker declined to comment.

Can you donate to the US government (via the US Treasury)? Yes, in ten seconds. Go to:

and do a bank transfer, or use a PayPal account, Debit or Credit Card. Money deposited into the above account, called "Gifts to the United States" is for general use by the US Federal Government and available for budget needs.

Attorney General Parker's government is so rich that even when offered money by the likes of these 80 "business and opinion leaders" it is rejected. The good thing about having this US-style online gifting a/c is that it would call the bluff of these 89 folks who are pretending to want to give more money, though when given the opportunity would likely decline.



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