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  • rmacculloch

How can the Christchurch Cathedral renovation x4 be equal to the cost of rebuilding Notre Dame, which is similar to the Auckland Convention Centre!?

Christchurch Cathedral was damaged by earthquake in 2011. The total rebuild cost is now estimated at $NZ 248 million - in other words around 1/4 billion Kiwi $ with a date of completion sometime in the next decade, if you're lucky. Meanwhile Fletcher Building has incurred a total cost for the Auckland Convention Centre of $NZ 900 million. As for one of the biggest ancient structures in the world, Notre Dame Cathedral, it had a catastrophic fire in 2019 that brought down large parts it. The restoration is nearing completion. It is reopening later this year, at a cost of around $US 760 million - in union dominated, socialist France. There are US-NZ exchange rate changes to be made, but what do these numbers tell us? They suggest it doesn't matter how much money NZ throws at infrastructure - maybe at pretty much everything - the Kiwi "system" is broken. Competition is bust. Productivity stalled. The country is pricing everyone out because both the private & public sector are not working efficiently. My view is that a set of massive reforms that would make the Coalition Agreement look like a tea party are now required or NZ will become a failed state. Their nature would be to transform our economy along the lines of the Singaporean model. NZ First's "2023 Election Planks" state that the party "has studied the Irish Celtic Tiger success along with the successes of Singapore & Iceland and believe these are much more sound models than economic experimentalism". What is it waiting for? Do it.



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