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  • rmacculloch

The Ghosts of Kiwi Reforms Past

The leaderships of both the National and Labour Parties have sought to distance themselves from the "pro-market" reforms that began in 1984. What were those reforms? Here's a short list of the main ones:

1. International trade was made freer by removing tariffs and licences

2. The Kiwi dollar was floated

3. Goods and Services Tax (or "GST") was introduced

4. Income taxes were cut - the top rate fell from 66% to 33%

5. The Reserve Bank of NZ was made independent

6. Subsidies to farmers were ended

7. A number of government owned enterprises were privatized

How many of these reforms has the National Party sought to reverse? ... ZERO

How many of these reforms has the Labour Party sought to reverse? ... ZERO

So why are the 80's reforms condemned in speeches by politicians who, behind the scenes, privately endorse them?


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