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  • rmacculloch

Nearly 80% of Auckland City Council staff are not turning up to the office on Fridays.

Ever wondered where your Council rates are going? Now we know. Former National Party Leader, Simon Bridges, writing for the National Business Review in an article called, "Our Cities Need our Citizens Back in the Office", says that on weekdays only around 40% of Auckland City Council staff are turning up at the office and "Don’t mention Fridays – on Friday around 22% of staff deign to turn up to the office".

Why aren't they being told what Elon Musk has told his employees, namely to return to the office or ‘pretend to work elsewhere'? Does anyone know what is the proportion of "office workers" who are actually turning up to "the office" in Wellington government departments?

How come we don't know these numbers? I have asked some Members of Parliament and they have no idea. Could the truth be so embarrassing to the government that it doesn't want to tell us, especially at a time of a rapidly expanding number of bureaucrats in the Windy City? Sounds like its time for an Official Information Request.



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