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  • rmacculloch

Kings Fund report in the UK lays bare how both the UK & NZ centralized health systems are failing

A few days a report to which the British PM has had to respond laid bare the failings of the National Health System in the UK. The problems relate to the fact that State centralization of service provision is becoming a gigantic failure & decentralized health-care systems where public & private providers compete, thereby offering higher quality services, with bills paid by social insurance, are now performing better. There need be no difference in coverage between systems - both can offer "universal" care. The UK is reacting with shock & horror to graphs below, on intensive-care beds & dependence on foreign doctors & nurses. Germany has nearly 10 times more intensive care beds than NZ & nearly half of our doctors are foreign trained. What the hell has Labour been doing these past 5 years when the most pressing issue on the planet was getting health-care right? The UK is bad - NZ is off the charts:



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