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  • rmacculloch

Is Air NZ telling us the full truth in its stock exchange profit announcement?

Air New Zealand has announced to the Stock Exchange that the company's expected earnings before taxation for the year have fallen $10 million from $200 - $240 million to $190 - $230 million. "Air NZ has continued to see softening in revenue conditions over the fourth quarter both domestically and on the North American market," the carrier stated. Funny how the airline always conflates domestic and international routes in its reporting.

Can Air NZ please simply cough up with the numbers that everyone wants to see and that it refuses to tell us? How much of its $190 - $230 million earnings comes from domestic profits and how much of it comes from international profits? Even though Air NZ is majority owned by you and me - the tax payer - it won't tell us who it is making money from - which is probably you and me again - not overseas tourists.



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