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  • rmacculloch

Are two of NZ's Universities creating fake news in a quest for bucks? If so, then our society really is in trouble.

The word University has in it the Latin word, "veritas", meaning the truth. In an age of bias & fake news promulgated by Main Stream & Social Media, one would trust that universities stay true to their mission of providing objectivity. On that note, hot on the heels of Otago telling local & prospective foreign students that it is one of the top "1% universities in the world" according to QS Rankings, when it is not, now we have the Auckland University of Technology doing the same. AUT state The Times Higher Education ranks it in the "top 1% of universities in the world .. and first in NZ for international outlook". What is the truth? Times Higher Education World Rankings 2024 include 1,906 universities in 108 nations. AUT is ranked in an interval between 401st and 500th - not top 1%, nor top 10%, nor top 20%:

It's a sad day when two of NZ's biggest universities (we have eight, so that's 1/4 of them) that are entrusted with the aim of finding the truth cannot be relied upon to do so, claiming they are world top 1% institutions, when they are not.



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