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  • rmacculloch

Even in Defeat, PM Hipkins Wields out Fake Statistics

The PM's states at 3 minutes 50 seconds into his Election Concession Speech (with a link below) that NZ "recorded the lowest number of Covid deaths in the developed world". Except that we didn't. Take one comparison - NZ with Singapore. We have similar populations and both are classified as "developed" (Singapore's GDP per capita is about 50% higher than ours, and has education & health-care systems whose quality is amongst the world's best). The Covid death rates of NZ & Singapore are as follows:

Singapore has recorded half as many Covid deaths as NZ. People were dying of Covid here as the PM spoke - the Ministry of Health (with link below) records that, on average, two are dying each week and there are 230 in hospital with Covid. Our Covid deaths are rising in the graph above, whereas Singapore's is flat.

Why even in defeat does the PM throw us back into these bitter debates? If Labour wish to regain power then fire your PR & marketing & comms teams, your focus group organizers, your spin masters & slick speech writers who think they can get away with false statistics & your pollsters and get real. Get back in touch with the real people who once formed your base, who don't like "comms" and "spin" and trickery. Since when did Labour, which was founded on the decent ideals of creating more opportunities for working class folks and greater fairness in society, become a Party based on illusions and smoke & mirrors which its leadership has embraced these past years?



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