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  • rmacculloch

DownToEarth Kiwi told you the RBNZ Governor would be reappointed first and also the reasons why

Before the main stream media knew about it, DownToEarth Kiwi told you a couple of days ago that Finance Minister Grant Robertson would renew the RBNZ Governor, Adrian Orr's contract, together with the reason why.

The decision will almost certainly lead to the defeat of the Labour Government at the next election, since it proves that sworn official agreements, like the Robertson-Orr one to keep inflation low that they jointly signed up to, can be ignored, mean nothing and are without credibility. Their mutual defense that inflation is high in other nations is irrelevant - since other nations do not have that same agreement, signed off by the Finance Minister and Central Bank Governor. No such agreement, for example, exists in the US or UK.



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