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Don't Mess with the (Bankrupt) West

The Herald has reported on PM Ardern's shirt-fronting of President Putin over Ukraine. She's "called in the Russian ambassador to send a very clear message around NZ's position on what's happening". "Ukraine's sovereignty & territorial integrity must be upheld and what's happening now directly undermines that", Ardern said. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnstone & US President Biden are also not taking any nonsense, invoking a sanctions package on long gone assets. Seems they've never heard of bitcoin.

As for the West's ability to mount military action, well, the money just isn't there. The US ended World War II with similar levels of federal debt as to what it has now. One of the largest holders of US debt is China, at over $US 1 trillion. Maybe America could borrow another trillion from China to fight Russia? Hang on a second. China financing action against Russia !? Here's a graph of US public debt:

The UK Times Cartoonist offers a decent summary, from the point of view of two cockroaches, surveying London:



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