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  • rmacculloch

A Waikato Medical School is a Good Idea - Smash Auckland and Otago Universities Medical School Duopoly and graduate more doctors

I may not be a great fan of Neil Quigley, the Chair of the Reserve Bank, since he's presided over the decline in reputation and status (for good reason) in that institution. However, as Vice Chancellor of Waikato University, he is on the right track in lobbying for a new medical school there. The country needs to be shaken up and more monopolies, duopolies and oligopolies crushed and dismantled to unleash the socially beneficial effects of competition. Whether it's the big banks and their extortionate, gangland style protection fees that they are charging each time we try to buy something and do a deal, the mice-infested (at least in one case) supermarket shake-down of their customers, the building industry's dominance by a few big firms, or our too-big-to-fail universities problem, bring on new entrants and new players. So fast-track Waikato's Medical School and get the job done.


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