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  • rmacculloch

A Story about the NZ Herald that will not appear in the NZ Herald

I just submitted an "Opinion Piece" to the Herald - it describes the fragmentation of beliefs in Kiwi society which is going to make reaching a political consensus on the major issues confronting our nation increasingly difficult.

Although they accepted the article for publication this week, the Herald has told me that I cannot see the final draft, which they have reserved the right to alter, nor can I see the title, which they reserve the right to choose. They will not let me approve any of their changes.

So I withdrew the article.

How can our biggest "news" outlet publish an article with the "author's" photo & name at the top of it when the article may have been re-written in ways that the original author does not agree with, together with a title that the original author finds at odds with their intent? The up-shot is that I will re-consider ever sending articles to the Herald again.


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