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  • rmacculloch

Who's 'abysmal'? Not the Mayor. It's the Kiwi mainstream media that just revealed IT runs the nation

Today, on Newshub's AM show, Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown was slammed for his "communication catastrophe during the devastating Auckland floods" which "continued to cop criticism this morning with a political commentator describing it as 'abysmal' "

Newstalk ZB's Political Editor declared on AM's panel today, "I would have had one piece of advice for Brown - 'don't lose the media .. when a politician loses the media, you actually lose the argument and you lose the people because you can't get your message out."

Now we know the truth, straight from the horses mouth - from one of this country's longest standing, most experienced journalists. "True power" here resides with the media.

So much for those of us who have no communications training and stand up to the establishment by doing things like running blogs that try earnestly to propose economic strategies to make our country a better place. Why? Since, if the media bosses are not on our side, then we will "lose the argument". The strength or validity of it is irrelevant.

When did we become a nation that started valuing form over substance, words over actions and communications training over being a builder of something?



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