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Update: Kiwiblog has found a NZ Treasury bank a/c those who want to pay more tax can put funds into

Our IRD stated, when asked by the media, that there was no mechanism for those who want to pay more tax in NZ to do so (and Revenue Minister David Parker declined to comment).

It turns out we may have been mislead by our authorities.

Although I cannot find a government website in NZ that allows such donations (unlike in America where it comes up top of a Google Search) the folks at KiwiBlog & Taxpayers Union have taken up the call. They claim to have located a NZ Treasury bank a/c that does allow people to gift money to the government (see their website below).

The moral of the story is that the IRD should not mislead the media & public - and instead give a properly informed answer as to how Kiwis who wish to pay more taxes can do so - instead of falsely saying that there is no way.

Shame on the IRD and shame on the Minister for not telling us. Can they please clear up the mess and confusion around how Kiwis can donate to the NZ Treasury?



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