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  • rmacculloch

So the NZ Herald knows the "full, inside story" about the Pfizer negotiations, does it?

Today the Herald jumped to the government's defense by running an article with the headline, "The Full, Inside Story of NZ's Vaccine Roll-out". The article argues that our government does not appear to bear responsibility for the delay in ordering 85% of our Pfizer vaccine supplies, which only happened in March 2021. So I've a question to the paper's editors. How on earth could the Herald be telling the "full, inside story" when Minister Hipkins replied to a question about what actually happened between his government & Pfizer as follows:

"The details of the negotiations with Pfizer are covered by the confidential information disclosure agreement and therefore I am unable to provide further information".

Yes, the full, inside story on this matter is unknown. So maybe next time the Herald writes about such a serious matter, it should make it clear to the Kiwi public that it is merely expressing an opinion. This blog also has an opinion on the matter. Namely that the slow vaccine roll-out and late order for the vast majority of our Pfizer supplies constitutes the most costly mistake ever made by a Kiwi government. It is part of the reason behind the current lockdown and, as such, has caused incalculable adverse economic and psychological effects.



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