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Radio Interview on the National Party's Economic "Strategy" (to the extent there is one)

Below is a link to a radio interview which I did with Christina Huang who's studying for a BA degree at Auckland University. It's called "Unpacking the National Party's Tax Plan". Having had no media training, I'm trying to learn a bit about how to do it, so am starting out with 95bfM "which is an independent radio station located on the University of Auckland campus. We've been broadcasting since 1969, making us NZ's oldest corporate-free broadcaster. We're dedicated to providing a voice for alternative music & independent journalism from Tāmaki Makaurau & beyond". A former CEO of MediaWorks NZ used to work there, as well as my old Grammar class-mate, Marcus Lush. So it seems like a good place to start out.

The main point of my interview was to link Chris Luxon's positioning of the National Party in his State of the Nation speech to the Kiwi equivalent of the American Dream, which is being squashed by Labour's regulations, higher taxes and cost-of-living fiasco.



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