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  • rmacculloch

Les Mills boss says he wants to pay more tax. So why did Les Mills take a $4.5 million wage subsidy?

I'm trying to reconcile Les Mills Director, Phillip Mills, signing an open letter to the Government stating he would like to pay higher taxes, along with 89 other wealthy types, and telling the media,

“Those who can afford it should be paying significantly more taxes .. we’ve been focused too long on paying lower taxes. We need to focus on .. not having [folks] living in poverty & children coming to school not having enough to eat”

with the Herald reporting in 2020,

"Les Mills applied & was granted two wage subsidy payments under the Government's Covid-19 scheme: Just over $2.34 million for 376 staff under Les Mills NZ Ltd and $233,347 to pay 34 staff under Les Mills International Ltd".

Les Mills took another couple of million in wage subsidies in 2021, bringing the total up to $4.5 million. Many firms, including Mainfreight, decided to pay back the wage subsidy that it initially received so as to help the nation pay for NZ's Covid, education and poverty bills.

How come we cannot find any record of Les Mills Gyms paying it back?



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