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Jack Tame Writes Non-Objective Nonsense about the demise of Newshub. Is it because he doesn't want to fall foul of his industry mates?

Jack Tame has written an article for State-owned broadcaster, OneNews, about the fall of Newshub. The article is not objective. It appears to be about Tame not wanting to fall foul of his industry chums. But doesn't he have an obligation in his position to report objective facts & not biased, self-preserving propaganda? For example, he says:

"No one is suggesting that those affected are in any way to blame for the situation – indeed, Newshub often distinguishes itself with the quality of its journalism and reportage – but economic conditions and changing audience habits make it an unsustainably unprofitable venture in the eyes of its foreign owner".

This blog has given an economics-based reason why Newshub failed. There's overcrowding in the market to provide leftist commentary (by OneNews, Stuff, Newshub, Radio NZ & Herald). Most Kiwis have had a gutsful of it, as evidenced by the election result. When you look at it this way, the folks most responsible for bankrupting Newshub are Tame & his mates at OneNews. Why? Since OneNews reports extremely similar left-biased content to Newshub's. It's practically indistinguishable - and Tame & his OneNews mates are paid by subsidies from taxpayers. It's comical OneNews reporters now say they're sad to see Newshub go. Those very same reporters bear a large part of the responsibility!

What's more, saying "no-one" is suggesting those affected are in any way to blame is untrue. Thousands of NZers believe the journalists at Newshub are directly to blame - as evidenced by a vast number of comments and internet chatter, as well as articles published on sites like NZ Centre for Political Research, Basset Brash & Hide, The Platform and Reality Check Radio. Do these outlets not exist in Tame's world? Do they count for nothing and amount to "no-one"? Thousands are blaming the four letter words Newshub put on its platform to describe National's policies, calling David Seymour a liar, and one-sided attacks on the new coalition that have been going on leading up to - and after - the election. Don't report your personal opinion, Tame - report the news and facts on the ground.



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