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  • rmacculloch

Just a second = so does the government support "post-code lotteries" or not?

The Minister of Health, Andrew Little, has this week announced that the system "shake-up" was designed to end "postcode lottery" care - which he says means that the quality of treatment can be affected by where you live. And the Labour Party's website describes it as being vital to eliminate such "barriers" to make things more "equitable".

Hang on. Our entire school system is based on a "postcode lottery", whereby you go to school according to which zone you happen live in. Should you live in a poor part of town then you can't apply for public schools in a posher part of town, which maybe better. Yet the government has insisted for decades that its in our own best interests, even though many of us believe that more competition should be built into the system to help drive up standards. So which is it? Is there some profound difference between health-care and education?

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