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  • rmacculloch

Budget 2023: What is the Strategy? Steal the election from National by targeting women

Budget 2023 is about politics - not economics. What was the strategy? It targeted children big-time by more heavily subsidizing their day-care and their public transport. But children don't vote, right? Well, yes they do. Their mothers vote and what's good for children is particularly good for their Mums.

Forbes magazine in the US reported that "while women are more educated and more employed than ever, they are still taking on most of the household and familial duties .. Although working mothers spend more time on work, household labor, and child care than fathers, they are not more likely to have access to workplace policies such as paid family and medical leave, paid sick days, workplace flexibility, and affordable childcare".

Labour are trying to make things easier, in particular, for women, who Ardern was famously so popular with, yet are not taking a great fancy to a certain Mr Chris Luxon. So my opinion of Budget 2023 is that it is a document that says "To All Kiwi Women: Vote Labour since We're Helping your Children".



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