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  • rmacculloch

A Good Election Policy from National

If the government was truly serious about turning NZ into a "green, technology based" country, with higher productivity growth, then they should have told us how they were going to improve technology, and especially mathematics, teaching in schools. The truth is that they are constrained in doing so, since schools can't pay specialists in these subjects much higher salaries compared to other subjects. National have just announced a clever way around the octopus of difficulties to better target this weakness:

"National wants to double the size of NZ's tech sector with a $1.29 billion cash injection, faster internet,

a regulatory bonfire and the creation of a Minister of Technology. The money, announced as part of an

election policy in Auckland on Monday, would go towards creating 1000 tertiary scholarships a year to allow

students from low-decile schools study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) degrees.

The party also wants to establish a special charter school focused on STEM subjects. "We must seize this

opportunity to drive a step change in our technology sector," National leader Judith Collins said."

This is great stuff and the Nats should be commended for it. See:


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